A wee bit Enviro Mental

    Have you tried that ‘Pic’s’ 100% peanut butter? On corn thins? It’s a bit of alright. Even add some banana slices and it’s all go. Yet too much though, and like… Continue reading

Visualising A World

                      I can’t be totally honest about what it takes to create a world on a canvas, as I don’t entirely know. Lately… Continue reading

‘The Aetherlight’

I started work at 2ndcity Studios around about May this year. I was hired as a concept artist slash 2D artist to paint and design assets for their Flash virtual world they were… Continue reading

Jamie’s Game

Ok so I have recently hopped on board a game that is being created for  a 13 year old boy called Jamie who has Leukemia.  Jamie has wished for a computer game he has… Continue reading

Global Game Jam 2013

48 hours is a scary amount of time to scope for a game. It would be very easy to over scope the project and make the whole eye bloodshotted process almost a waist… Continue reading

Speed Paint sessions!

Really trying to get into a regular groove of doing a decent amount of speed painting every single week. These images have taken between 15-60 minutes to do, so besides the sloppy paint… Continue reading

Environments underway!

Currently I am working on creating environment assets, the aim is to create game ready models for various different types of scenes. So far, I’ve made some attempts at the terrain textures and… Continue reading

Character Concepts

Here are just a couple of old character designs I did for various projects…

Games I’ve worked on

(All posters, images and 2D art shown here was created by myself, however the videos of final gameplay is obviously the outcome of a team callaboration. Enjoy!) Planet Smash       Planet… Continue reading